Mobile App FAQ

Getting The App: 

Where can I find the app?

You can find the CommuniKate mobile app in the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Search for CommuniKate.

Who can use the app?

Any CommuniKate customer with an active Unlimited account.

Can I use the app with my tablet?

The app is optimized and sized for phones only at this time.
You CAN install it on the your tablet, but the app sizing will stay consistent with your phone.

To install the app on an iPad, search for CommuniKate. When it doesn't find the app, change the dropdown in the top left from iPad only to iPhone only and search again.


I am not receiving messages from my Upline.

Please send a message to your Upline and ask that you be added to their contact directory and the lists they use to send messages.

How do I add a Contact?

Tap the Contacts icon at the bottom of your screen.

Then tap the + sign at the top right.

Tap the word CommuniKate.

Enter your new contact's Kate number, then tap Done.

Their information will be filled in.If the CommuniKate number has two mailboxes, then you will be prompted to add the Primary, Secondary or Both.

How do I add a Contact List?

Tap the Contacts icon at the bottom of your screen, then Groups at the top left.

Tap the + sign at the top right.

Give your Group a name, then tap the + sign to add members.

Tap each person you would like included, tap Done.

Tap Save to save your list.

Voice Mail: 

How do I change my voice mail greeting or name recording?

Log into your CommuniKate app. Tap your photo to access your account settings. Select Voice Mail Greeting or Name Recording and record your new message.

Do my messages expire?

Saved messages never expire. Unsaved Inbox and Sent messages are purged after 14 days. Each message displays its expiration date on full-screen mode, so tap the i icon to see it.

Deleted items are purged after 48 hours.

Expired messages are not retrievable, so please make sure to save messages that are important to you.

Tags/My Kates Screen: 

What are Tags and how do I use them?

Tags are labels you can add to your messages to organize them.

To add tags to a message you have received, tap the i icon so the message opens on full-screen mode.

Tap the + sign, then choose Add Tag.

Suggested tag names or tags you have used previously will be listed for you to pick from, but you can also type in your own label.

Each message can have up to 8 tags. Tap Done when you are finished tagging your message.

Tags you create will be listed on the My Kates screen under Personal Tags.

How do I auto-play messages in the Kate app?

Tap the tags icon and then #AllUnread under Smart Views.

Tap a message in the list and it will start playing.

Once playback of that message has finished the next message will load. All messages in the list will play in order until all have played or you tap Cancel.
Autoplay will only work from on the message list screen. If you tap the i icon to play the message on fullscreen, it will NOT autoload the next message.

How do I see my Sent Items?

The My Kates screen organizes messages based on Tags and gives access to Sent Messages.

Tap the Tags icon at the bottom of the screen, then #SentItems

Smart Views options appear and disappear depending on whether or not you have messages that meet the criteria. i.e. if you don't have any messages that are going to expire soon, then you will not see that Smart View.

How do I see all of the messages my Upline has sent to me?

Tap the Tags icon at the bottom of the screen. Your Upline's messages will be under From Sender listed with their name.