Set Up ThunderBird for Kate Email

Download and Install Thunderbird mail application from

1. Open Thunderbird
2. You will see the screen below, make sure you
  1. Uncheck (we do not know what that is, so let’s skip it)
  2. Click on the button labeled "Skip this and use my existing email"

3. On the following screen please enter your own information into these fields. We’ve used Kate Young as fictional name to illustrate example.

Your name:
Email address:
Check the "Remember password"

4. The Next screen will show option for Manual Configuration, please click a button labeled "Manual config". It’s circled below….

5. On the Manual Account Setup screen, fill out information exactly as shown below. The Server must be and the ports must match exactly.

  1. Once you’ve entered information, please click on "Re-test" button
  2. If you get error, double check every setting to match the screen below on every field and try again.
  3. After successful Test, please click on the "Done" button.

6. Your email may take few minutes to download, but once you click on your inbox you should see all of your messages.