Send a Message

You can send a voice mail message to other CommuniKate subscribers or to e-mail addresses.

Over the phone, say, "Send a Message" or press 84. Kate will ask if you would like to send the message to Contacts or a Lists, and then for the specific Contacts or Lists you would like to send the message to. Say, "That's It" when finished adding recipients, then I'm done when prompted. Record your messages and press any key to stop recording. Delivery options include Deliver, Deliver Urgent, Review, Re-record, Append, or Cancel.

You can also send a voice mail message from the New Look CommuniKate web site. Click New, then New Voice.
Click To: to select the Contacts or Contact Lists you will be sending the message to.
Click the red Record button to record your message, then click Allow when prompted to allow access to your microphone.
Click the Stop button to stop recording, the Play button to review your message, then Send to send the message to your recipients.

Set our site to be always allowed by your microphone by clicking Always Allow CommuniKate to access my microphone.
Click the Go to Adobe Flash Settings Manager button.
Select our URL, and check Always allow.

Check and update your version of Adobe Flash player at