New Message

Press the Plus sign to add Contacts or Contact Lists as recipients.

Press Groups for a List, Kate for Kate numbers, or Email to add E-mail Addresses as recipients.

Press anywhere next to intended recipients, then press Select.

Note: You can add recipients from all tab before pressing Select and all will be added.

Note: If the contact you are forwarding the message to has a Kate mailbox, then you cannot send or forward a message to their email address. Create a separate contact with JUST the email address as a workaround.

Press the microphone to record, then press pause to stop recording.

Press the word Urgent to mark the message as Urgent or the pencil to add a Note.

Once the message has recipients, a recording, and a photo (if desired), press Send.

Pause and Resume Recording

Once you start recording the microphone button changes to a pause icon. So you can pause and then press the microphone button again to resume recording.

Editing a New Message or a Preface of a Forwarded Message

Edit allows you to stop recording a message, delete a mistake such as misspeaking or dead air, and then resume recording.

Once you have started recording a message, the Record icon changes to Pause. Press Pause immediately if a mistake in recording has been made.

Press the trash can icon to discard the recording and start over.

Press Edit to remove the mistake.

Press Play to play the highlighted portion of the message.

Move the scissors back to the beginning of your mistake.

Press Delete to remove the highlighted portion.

Press Undo to undo an edit.

Press Done when finished editing.

Adding a Photo to a New Message

Pressing the camera icon will open the camera on your iPhone.

Take a new photo by pressing the green circle or add a photo from your camera roll by pressing the photo in the bottom right.

Select a photo from your Camera Roll, scale and crop the photo, then press Done.

Once the message has recipients, a recording, and a photo (if desired), press Send.

Voice Mail Photos are viewable from the most recent versions of both mobile apps and from the New Look web site, though you cannot add photos via the web site.

Messages forwarded from by phone (calling in) lose the photo attachment.

Click the Image icon to see a the full image.