Per Minute Calling Fees

There are charges that apply for certain advanced features. These features include having your calls transferred to an outside number, (i.e. transferred to your home, office, cellular phone, etc. when a caller says "Find them"), using commands such as "Call my Contact," "Dial a phone number," or "Return the call," sending and forwarding faxes, phone call and numeric pager notification, and Full-Featured conference calls.

Any time Kate needs to access a dial tone, it is considered an outbound call. Outbound calls are billed at 4.9 cents per minute for Unlimited accounts, and 7 cents per minute for Lite accounts.

You can review your Call Transfer and Message Notification settings online. Log in to your CommuniKate New Look web site. Click My Account then Call Routing.

Full-featured Conferences are billed 4.9 cents per minute, per participant for Unlimited accounts and 7 cents per minute, per participant for Lite accounts.

There is a $.75 surcharge for calls to your account from pay phones. To block pay phone calls, log in to your CommuniKate New Look web site. Click My Account then Voice Settings. Check the box called Block Payphone Calls then click Save.

Directory Assistance is also available, however there is a $1.75 surcharge.

Whenever you reach $25.00 in usage charges, your credit card or checking account is immediately billed.

You can review your call activity by clicking My Account, then Call Details.

Your Kate website allows access to your messages and other CommuniKate features and settings. Most are available free of charge.