Log In Problems

Locked accounts are typically due to either a billing issue or multiple failed login attempts.

If your account is locked for billing it could be an expired or discontinued credit card. You can still log in online to update your billing information and make a payment.

If your account is locked for incorrect password entries and you've verified your password recovery email address, then  you can change your CommuniKate web password and/or Security Code online at https://reset.securekate.com or by clicking Login Problems? on the login page.

You can check your password recovery email address in the Kate website by clicking My Account, then Security.

If you are sure your password is correct but you still cannot log into the mobile app, then check the Date/Time setting on your cell phone. The CommuniKate mobile app requires that Date/Time be set Automatically.

iPhone: Settings > General > Date and Time > Set Automatically is ON (Green).

Android: System Settings > Date and Time and ensure that Automatic Date & Time is ON.