Local Number Audio Conferencing

CommuniKate offers free Local Number Conferencing to Unlimited subscribers.

How Many Participants Can a Local Number Conference Hold? 100, including the host.

What does Local Number Conferencing Cost? There are no per-minute usage fees associated with CommuniKate Local Number Conferencing.

However the host and participants are calling a toll number in the US, so you should call from a phone that has free long distance to avoid long distance fees.


More Info

  • Music is played to the first participant or host until another participant joins
  • There is a beep when a new participant joins
  • The same bridge number and PIN are used for all of the host’s Local Number Conferences.

How to Access Local Number Conferencing

Once logged into the CommuniKate web site, click Conferencing.

Click the down arrow next to Classic Conference and select Local Number Conference.

Instructions for joining are listed on the screen. The host has a different PIN number from the participants.

Conference Management Options


Star 0 - Moderator Options

Star 1 - Start or Stop Recording

Star 2 - Mute or Unmute All Participants, except Host

Star 3 - Lock the Conference, so no other Participants can join

Star 4 - Conference Status

0 - Mute yourself only



0 - Mute yourself