Deleted Messages

You can restore deleted message in a few different ways. While in the same session that you deleted the message, you can tell Kate Restore Last Deleted Message, or from the main menu touchtone #13. Again, this must be done within the same session that you deleted the message.

In your New Look CommuniKate web site click Voice Mail then Deleted. This will take you to a list of all messages you have deleted in the last 48 hours. Check the boxes next to the messages you would like to restore, then click Save.

The messages you have restored will now be available both online in your Saved messages and over the phone by saying "Access Saved Messages."

Please note that voice mail messages that have been deleted for more than 48 hours cannot be restored. Unsaved voice mail messages automatically age off at 14 days following receipt, whether or not they have been listened to. These are not available in Deleted messages and cannot be restored.

To save a message online check the box next to the message, then click Save. This will store the message in your Saved messages indefinitely.