CommuniKate Newsletter - Winter 2017

We hope you had a happy holiday and offer our best wishes for a prosperous New Year! This is your Winter 2017 CommuniKate Newsletter. Look for exciting news, product updates, tips and hints in each issue!

In this issue:

#SavedSent in the Mobile App

Sent items expire after 14 days, just like Inbox messages. Saving the Sent messages that are important to you will keep them indefinitely! Watch the video for more information.

#SavedSent from Kate Support on Vimeo.

Optimizing Your Email Online

There are a few email settings that can help you to optimize your online email performance. Check them out in the video.

Optimizing Your Email from Kate Support on Vimeo.

Sweep Your Email Online

Along with optimizing your email performance, Sweep will help you to delete multiple email messages from the same sender at one time. You can even prevent unwanted future mail. See how below.

Sweep from Kate Support on Vimeo.


The Kate Team