Fighting Spam

Just like the mailers and auto-dialers of the past, fighting incoming spam is a constant battle. We employ an industry leading spam filtering provider to ensure that as little spam gets to your inbox as is possible.

Unfortunately, spammers work just as hard to get their mail past spam filters and sometimes they succeed. We are sorry that your inbox received spam.

We and our spam filtering provider will continue to combat these messages.

You can help to keep your inbox clean as well.

Log in online, click My Account then E-mail Settings. Make sure your spam threshold is set to at least Moderate. In the left menu, click E-mail Rules. You will find a rule already created for you that will move messages marked as Spam to the Spam folder. You can edit this rule or create new rules that will automatically delete mail based on the to address, from address, or words in the subject.

There are a few things that you can do to prevent getting spam altogether.

  • Avoid entering your primary email address on sites that may spam you or sell your information to spammers.
  • Always read the Terms and Conditions when installing new software to prevent spyware. There are several free anti-spyware software programs that can help you delete spyware and help prevent it from being installed. Watch out for Tracking Cookies that gather your personal information and track the websites you visit.
  • Protect your computer by ensuring your virus scanner is always up to date.
  • Finally, protect your e-mail password. We recommend that you use a different password for each e-mail address and web site you visit.

We also recommend your password be at least 10 characters long and include at least one capital letter and at least one number.

You can change your e-mail password online. Click My Account then E-mail Accounts.