Android Email Set Up Instructions

Configure your Android for CommuniKate mail.

You can use the exact same mail server settings for your DBIS address too!

1. Tap Settings
2. Tap Accounts
3. Tap Add Account
4. Select to Add account in Email.

5. Type in your email address and tap Next

6. Select IMAP Account

7. Type full Email Address in the Username Bar (IMPORTANT: Android will default to wrong information, make sure to remove it and replace it with your FULL email address)

Change IMAP Server to

Change Security Type to SSL (ignore the option … accepting all certificates)

8. Change SMTP Server to (IMPORTANT: Android will default to wrong server information trying to guess, make sure to remove it and replace it with

Change Security Type to TLS

Change Port to 465 (IMPORTANT: Android will default to different port number, make sure to remove it and replace it with 465)

9. For Account Options, choose any settings which reflect your preferences or leave defaults.

10. On Email accounts, give this email setup a name or leave defaults and tap Next

If you cannot send mail, please check the following settings:

From the Home screen, tap Email.
Tap Menu, then the gear icon.
Tap your e-mail address.
Scroll down, then tap Server Settings.

Under ACCOUNT, Email Address and User Name should be your full email address.
Enter your email Password.

Enter the INCOMING SERVER settings:

IMAP server:
Security type: SSL
Port number: 993

Enter the OUTGOING SERVER settings:

SMTP server:
Security type: TLS
Port number: 465

Authentication required before sending emails should be enabled.

Username: your full e-mail address
Password: your e-mail password

Tap Done.